Fishing is an exhilarating, competitive sport for many, while for some it’s a relaxing and fun way for family and friends to spend time together. A good quality boat is needed for successful and safe outings. This boat can be as small as a canoe or as powerful as a yacht or cabin cruiser. The elderly people take fishing as a recreational activity while many young people start fishing as a hobby and later take it professionally.

According to a stat, in 2013 about 55 million Americans went for a fishing trip and 10 million among them aged between 6 to 17 years.

Read on to know about some of the different types of fishing boats.

Aluminum Fishing Boat:

Get Aluminum Fishing Boat Price and Features

These come in various options and sizes, from sport fishing vessels to two-seater rowing boats. The aluminum is a lot lighter than other materials, making them easier to unload/load and maneuver, as well as require less fuel to tow. When it comes to prices, these fishing boats are sold for varying amounts depending on what you choose and the customization or options you desire. These customization or options include things like monitors, live wells, and raised seats. A new 10-foot model could cost about $820.00, while a used model cost around $300.00. A larger, new boat could cost $1800 and more, with prices varying further according to options and size.

Bass Fishing Boat:

Price and How to Buy Bass Fishing Boat

These are sleek, low profile boats which are extremely fast and colorful with a built to accommodate two or three persons. The low profiles, plus V-hulls enables better access in shallow water. With size ranging from around 16 – 25 feet, these boats feature swivel chairs (one or more), in-built tackle boxes, live wells, GPS, fish finders, and platforms in the stern and bow for easy casting. Their swivel chairs and shallow draft provides the ideal structure to fish and maneuver. They can be manufactured from fiberglass or aluminum and powered by outboard engines with 50 to 250 horsepower.

Bass boats prices are relatively higher due to their special gear, trolling motors, and high horsepower outboards. The ones with fiberglass hulls are more expensive, with a basic model costing about $12,000 and a tournament-level one costing up to $55,000. Aluminum hulls cost less with a well-equipped 16-footer costing about $10,000 and a top-of-the-line 22-footer about $35,000.

One Man Fishing Boat:

Price Range for One Man Fishing Boat

This fishing boat is a more efficient, effective, and versatile type. Anyone who is serious about fishing should consider one of these boats. These offer an affordable way for just one person to fish in water that is otherwise inaccessible. With prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to one thousand and fifteen hundred dollars on the higher end, these fishing boats are options that even anglers with the smallest budget can easily afford.

Pontoon Fishing Boat:

Fishing Pontoon Boat Average Cost and Accessories

These fishing boats come with shallow drafts in lengths from fifteen to thirty feet and they are very stable. The serious fishing boats usually have several specific features which are not on other pleasure type vessels, but they are available on the pontoon fishing versions. The pontoon has an excellent layout for fishing, featuring broad decks with lots of pedestal seating to accommodate more people. They are normally on inland rivers and lakes and other smaller bodies of water.

Pontoon fishing boats are usually expensive, but an excellent way to spend some quality time by fishing with family members. You can also buy used pontoons which are available locally or rent one if you don’t own one.

Note: The quotes mentioned above for different types of fishing boats are an average amount which will vary depending on a lot of factors including size of boat, down payment, horsepower, speed, design, accommodation, facilities available inside, new or second hand, quality of accessories, brand etc. If you are serious about buying, then contact with a local dealer for the current selling price. You should look around online as well to compare the rate from different providers.

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