Learn How to Fish WalleyesAs one of the best-tasting freshwater fish, walleye is one of the most commonly caught for food, as well as popular among sportsmen. A lot of walleye fishing events happen across the United States throughout the year. There are certain rules such as what length of walleyes are legal to catch. The regulations are different from state to state or lake to lake. As a professional, you are supposed to obey these rules.

Walleye Fishing Tips and Tricks:

The fishing technique will be different from season to season. You will also use different gears depending on the temperature of the water and how the walleyes are located inside the water.

This is not easy to fish walleyes especially if you don’t have any experience. But this is full of fun when you try it for the first time in life. You will have fun when installing different parts of fishing kits. If you are newbie, take help from professionals to learn what a suitable rod weigh or what should be the appropriate rod length for you. You won’t learn how to fish walleyes overnight as this requires a lot of practices for years.

The first half of this article provides valuable walleye fishing tips for the novice who wants to learn walleye fishing:

  • Fish at sunrise or sunset, on cloudy days or when the water is choppy. At such times, when walleye’s vision is best, they feed most extensively, and thus are bound to be more plentiful.
  • Choose shallower fishing grounds in spring and fall; walleye choose such waters for spawning. They also tend to gather there in windy conditions, frequenting deeper ones during calm spring days.
  • For bait, use either spinners or plus that resemble minnows. In spring, walleye take almost anything.

Tips to Find the Best Walleye Fishing Gears:

The second half of our walleye fishing guide is devoted to finding the best walleye fishing tackle. This depends largely on whether you are a beginner or an expert; for beginners, a six-foot medium action rod and an eight-pound-line spinning reel is ideal, and the tip of the rod should be very sensitive. Small spoons, rubber tails, spinning baits and rubber-tailed jig heads are effective lures, though at different times. The combination of rod and reel is very important. If the balance is not right, you will struggle to catch any time of fishes at any condition.

Learn What Rod and Reel You Need for Walleye FishingFor the more experienced walleye fisherman, the following instruments are valuable:

  • Booyah Boo rigs
  • Frabill Crankbait net — does not snag easily
  • Humminbird Bow 360 — an imaging device
  • Rapala Scatter Rap — one of the most streamlined types of bait

Finally, the top three walleye fishing rigs are the lead weight rig, the lead head jig and the Blakemore roadrunner. You should have all three so if one doesn’t work, another one will.

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